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                            I can never forget my first few weeks after independence.Ragging period has ended.Fresher party is over and now it has been declared that no more ragging,So we are free man.We had faught for our independence and now it's here.So we have to celebrate it.But how.Benaras Hindu University(BHU) is a biggest residential  universityy with 63 hostels and around 15,000 students mostly from Bihar and Bengal.
U name it we have that faculty in BHU.We have a seperate college for girls named as Women College(WC) with five star facilities.Like we have one PMT one PMC and PMS.Well wondering what these acronyms stand for.Lemme tell u.Piyaa milan tree,piya milan chauraha and piyaa milan shade.Lots of good females studying there.Sowe(Myself,Harish.,Saurabh,Thatte,Verma,Shukla,Awasthi) thought why not try our luck.So we zeroed on one female named Shilpi .A good looking petite bengali female.We watched her for some time.She was roaming just like that in Lanka(BHU's local market). We thought that even she is searching for some handsome guys like us.So now we were all set on our target.But now the problem is who is going to bell the cat!!!!!!
            No one was ready for that.Finally it was decided that myself and trivedi will go .Now how to approach her???We thought we will go and ask her name,if she tells we will talk on that line otherwise her bad luck.So finally we went to her and asked that would she mind telling her name.She said "Why we want to konw?" Now we were not prepared for this question.We said "We want to get acquainted with u." She said "I am not interested". We said "Fine then."
            We came back.And were narrating the whole incidence to all otheres suddenly we saw that she is talking to a few guys ,one of them is looking like pakka Bihari .All of them seems to be from Arts faculty.She was pointing fingers towards us.Boss we are going to get a good bashing today it seems.The only way out is we should diappear.We had one bike with us.I trivedi and Mohit jumped on the bike and disappeared.
            We again met in hostel and we decided that BHU is not a proper place for trying out our luck so better we should leave all for other guys and we should get down to studies because we have perodicals from next week.

            And that was the end of our tryst.A flop story.