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                                This is a collection of small incidents of my life and I hug them as precious gems. I feel this is what the life is. I will try to put most of the interesting incidents of my life (my college days , institute days and also while doing job).
        I will appreciate if my friends and colleagues can mail me some incidents which they  remember of and feel I should write it down here.
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College Days:

In college days also I had a very good friend circle . Mr . Bali was the main character who used to amuse all of us with his funny innuendos. So most of the stories will be revolving around him.

Moral Science Exam
Fight with Anupam
Fight with Atul
Testing of new pen
Lime water

Life in IT-BHU
I will say i can write a book on my 4 yrs stay living between 15.000 students and 63 hostels of IT-BHU ,every minute something interesting keeps on happening. It's very difficult to write all about it. So I will try to write about few interesting incidents
Movie of Ajay Devagan
Campaingning for Shakti Singh
JEE exams
Fattu,Kattu and Bhattacharya
Rohit's fight with Anupama
Lakhandari falls
Four heroes and one Villan fighting for a single heroine
Golu,Rohit and Chemical Engineering guys
Farras of Saurabh
Sunil Singh and Spandan
Mohit Verma and Grover
Dinesh Boken(A class of its own)


Training in Madras
First time in Rajdhani

First Infosys Test
Kapoor's flip flop
Gufran's fight with SBU
Job Searching
Last few days in Infosys
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