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            We have friend name Golu.Always giggling and full of Anthu .Trying out different tricks to lure girls around .Trying to help the guys around .Once we thought that we will go for a movie ,night show.Ajay Devegan was hero in that movie.And since the hall was around 10 Kms from our hostel so we decided that we will park our bicycle in BHU gate (Which was two km from our hostel and will take auto from there). Obviously it was action movie with real good fight sceens.All of use were in enthu after watching that movie.We came to Lanka and started giving stunt .Finally we thought that its too late ,we should go to hostel.We picked up our cycle and were about to move when Golu said that he liked the stunt in which Ajay swings his legs upto his head.And Golu tried imitating thta.And he was flat on the ground with bicycle on him.And all of us were laughing .It took ten minutes for us to cool down and by that time Goulu was red with anger.