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                          It's really amazing when two strangers become the best of friends, but
                          it is really sad when the best of friends become two strangers.

ROHIT:(JAGUU) The kind hearted person ,topper of our bacth.Hates to loose.But always loses in the game of heart.
DURGA:(FATTU) Always playing pranks ,finding out new ideas of fooling others. Best sportsman. Mastery in some voluntary actions.
BOND:(HARISH) Though is name is Harish but every one knows him by this name itself . U ask anything ,he will give u an answer(immaterial whether he know about it or not)
SUNIL:(DOO LA..)The great politician and can politicize anything .With lots of guts.
MAUSI:(Sarita) We all use to call her Mausi . Good painter . Very sweet and simple .
MADHU:At one time all our group use to love her.And she used to love all of us.Now out of touch. Last heard she was art director of some serial .
SAURABH:(AMRUDI DADA)Senti fellow .We all learned from him how to pass exams with minimum efforts .Don Juan
GOLU:(Amit) A competitor of Saurabh .All the times they fight for a same girl . A good friend but no compromises in girlfriends.
DADA(Vishal Singh) Really vishal .Wt 100kgs Ht. 6'3" . Highly emotional and dangerous guy.
VERMA JI(TINU) The list can never complete without writing anything about vermaji,if I want to live in this world.
Highlly influential person and a big dreamer.
                 The list is very long but I am sorry to say that I can't  add all of them .