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                For 1994 JEE Exams BHU was also a center . Once again we thought that it's nice idea to hobnob with the female who will be coming to take the test .So we decided that we will go to our faculty to see the females and also if possible to rag and talk few of them. First day I got busy in some work so I couldn't go . Next day I , rivedi and Golu went to faculty in the morning. A nice female was standing there ,I asked Golu to go ahead and talk to her. He asked her how was the paper and all that stuff and then he introduced us to all of us .Well we all were happy . I asked her whether her parents are around. She said that they have gone out for some work .So I calculated that it means she will be going back to his home all alone. Why not to help her and drop her at his home .I asked Golu why not to drop her to her house on bike. Anyway the poor girl is all alone.So I said that I will ask her ,but since she was from Bihar and anyway I didn't had a courage I said Golu that why don't he asks her that would she mind if I drop her at her home. He said no probs he is always ready to help his friends . I was really happy .Since it was summer .We both took bath .I put Trivedi's goggles and we were all set .The moment she came out we approached her. Golu went ahead and asked her would she mind if he drops her at her home .She said no .So Golu came to me and said that she is ready to go. I said thanks .He said that i got him wrong she is ready to go with him .I said but why didn't u asked for me .He said because it doesn't look nice .I was really agape .But anyway it was too late .But I learnt my lesson.

        Golu took the bike key from me .And hardly he would have gone half a kilometer ,there was no fuel in the bike .Now poor chap has to drag it up to the main gate that was one and half kilometers. The girl said thanks to Golu and hired an auto rikshaw .

        I was also a bit happy .Agar meri nahin to kisi ki nahin.

After that I never went with Golu on any joint venture .Though I and Trivedi used to be a fantastic pair in Joint Ventures. We lost to know one.