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        BHU is a big university and has given quite a few ministers(leaders I am not sure of) to this country.So most of the guys who are politically active dream of becoming president of BHU.And since all the political parties put their candidates to contest .their is no dearth of money.This was our first year and after a long time (around after 11 yr.) university has decided to have election for three post President.VicePresident and General Secy. And since IT-BHu has maximum vote bank all the candidates wanted to influence IT guys .They felt that our group is a one which can give them a solid ground in IT so they were trying to lure them .We thought it's a good time since we don't have any exams in near future so why not to enjoy elections by backing someone .There was one candidate named Baba(Bhuwaneshwar Divedi) from Arts faculty .He seemed to be putting a lots of money for campaigning. We decided to campaign for him , though the chances of his winning the election were NIL because of his image.People used to say he was involved in a Bank Robbery and he had left part paralyzed because we was beaten by police at some point of time .He gave us a four wheeler and also there was abundance of Daru(Alcohol) .Since not many from our group used to drink so we were not very much after Daru .
Once he came to our room ,we gave him funda that since we can represent him well in WC(Women's college) why not we should campaign for him in WC. He also thought that it's a brilliant idea , and we all were happy because this was going to be our entry point in WC. So I ,Harish ,Trivedi ,Thatte and Verma all of us started going to WC for campaigning.
                    Girls use to think that since people are campaigning for a candidate they can pull their legs.So most often when they use to play some pranks on us we used to have a kind of fight with him .But in the process we became friendly to lot of females.We use to meet them daily for about week .Say 20 of them .So we thought that we have done a great job , atleast 20 votes are sure for Baba and 20 good friends for our group. It was more than we can handle.
                    Finally the D-day came.Baba lost the election .And any guesses how many votes he got from WC ?Yaup man only 6 votes .There was a story going around in the campus that there are 7 handicapped girl in the campus and Baba is searching for that 7th female who has not voted for him .Though we got 20 friends thanks to Baba