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        We had one common friend named Madhu Pandey . She was in Fine Arts. She had a good sense of humor rather I will say that I haven't met a girl who has better sense of humor than her .We all(Myself , Saurabh ,Harish ,Rohit and Golu) liked her a lot. And she reciprocated it well . Daily in te evening we all along with Madhu and Mausi use to go for Coffee .Madhu and Mausi used to stay in Girls Hostel of Women College which was around two and half kilometers away from our hostel .
    Daily we use to visit them either on bike/cycle/auto/rickshaw. By whatever mode we use to cover that distance daily in the evening without any fail .And then  we used to sit for sometime under the shade of PMC(Piya milan Chauraha) or PMT(Piya milan tree) .We were considered to be nuisance there because every one over there was sitting with their GFs and were into love talks , whispering into eachothers ear. Only our group use to talk loudly and and every one used to get disturbed by out intemittent burst of laughter.After that we used to go for Coffee in Lanka(Our local market) . Their our favoirite past time was leg pulling . Even in exams period we never use to miss our evening fun .We spend almost one and half year like this . At taht point a new guy named Grover joined out group . He was from Harayana . 6'4" , veru meticulous .Finicky about his figure ,health . He also started coming to WC with us. Though none of us liked him but still for courtsey   sake we use to take him along with us. And somehow we felt that even he doesn't like us .But it dragged . Oneday one guy from our group announced that he is in love with Madhu .So now it was our duty to make it both way. We thought better we will tell this to Mausi and after that she will decide what to do . So we went and narrated whole story to Mausi .She said telling her straight away is not a good idea .She will try to find out that Madhu thinks about that guy .